About The Author

I am a very spiritual person. I had a shift in consciousness in 2003 while I was reading the Bible. I was given, in thought, incredible information from a higher source. I had no intention of becoming an author, but the information was too important to keep to myself. I wrote the book “Finding The Truth Of Life” to enlighten many and open the eyes of the faithful believers who live in the great lie of life. This revelation will change the hearts of the children of God. I grew up in a small New England town when no one locked their house door. My mother was a religious Irish woman and my father was a hard working Italian man. My siblings and I grew up with the fear of God in our lives. I searched much of my life to make sense of the unconditional love of God I was taught from my youth. I spent many decades searching the scriptures to find answers to the many questions of life. I was given a revelation revealing the truth of life. There is nothing special about me except the strong desire to find the answers of life that would reveal the pure infinite love of God. The way I view life, and live every day, was changed forever after I was given the revelation. The book “Finding The Truth Of Life” will reveal the true pure love of God and the reason why God created mankind.  The true mission of the Son of God will be revealed. Click on Finding The Truth Of Life in the picture to find the truth.


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